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> Retractable Comssa tutorial, by K4S
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post Jun 16 2008, 12:46 AM
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Welcome to the Retractable Comssa tutorial!

The 12th tutorial by me, K4S happy.gif

I decided to make this mod after seeing how well my retractable flex MX turned out. This is the second mod of my comssa quadrilogy.

I realize there are already multiple versions of retractable comssa but this one assembled so nicely and easily that I figured it was worth making a tutorial to give people more options smile.gif. Overall, not much is changed from a regular metallic comssa mod. If made correctly the back section should not rattle at all when spun.

(I assume no responsibility if you are careless and sustain eye damage or dismember your finger/hand from trying to follow my tutorial to make this pen mod. Remember, you can’t spin pens without fingers. ph34r.gif )

Some basic stats/info:
-COG is 0.2cm from COP, toward the front (slightly front heavy)
-slightly heavier than a metallic comssa
-double sided
-Total cost is about $10 (give or take depending on how much grip you use and where you get your pens)
-Does not rattle when spun if made correctly.

So let us begin…


Pens you need:
1x comssa (double capped)
1x rsvp (for the inktube)
2x HGG (for the 2 metal tips, and 1 backplug)
1x Zebra F-301 pen
Grips of your choice (anyball/profile grips are used in this tutorial; not seen in picture)


Disassemble the F-301 pen. Wrap an elastic around the body for added leverage. Grab the metal body and pull out the retractable mechanism.
***Tip: twist the whole retractable mechanism as you pull it out of the metal tube.

This is what you need from the F-301 pen:


Remove the two white plastic pieces first before cutting the mechanism body!!! (the picture only has the white plastic pieces in it because I was too lazy to disassemble the entire thing.)

Cut the F-301 mechanism according to measurements in the picture. You want the “2.0cm” section, so cut 1.6cm from the back and 2.9cm from the front.




Be sure to insert the long white plastic piece (from step 4) FIRST before adding tape to the 0.4cm section. Once you add the second portion of tape to the white plastic piece, you will not be able to remove the white plastic piece.

This is what it looks assembled. Remember to put that second small white plastic piece back into the mechanism!


Empty out the comssa (remove ink, backplug and felt tip). Cut off the tip as seen in the picture and use a drill bit to widen the hole so that an rsvp inktube can slide through unobstructed.


Completely hollow out one of the comssa caps (as seen on the right side). Make a hole on the other comssa cap such that an rsvp inktube and slide through unobstructed but an HGG tip can still be screwed on. (as seen on the left side).

Once the comssa caps have been modded, screw on an HGG tip to the comssa cap with the small hole and then add on the grips of your choice.


The spring I used came the F-301.


Put the inktube assembly into the comssa body, then push the F-301 mechanism onto the back of the comssa. It should snap into place.

What it looks like assembled

After that, put on the comssa caps on their correct side…

Final Product!

Trouble Shooting Questions:
Q: Is a dremel needed for this mod?
A: Nope, I just used an xacto/utility knife.

Q: How did you hollow out the comssa cap?
A: I used drill bits. Be careful though, good drill bits are a lot sharper than you think…I’ve had some close calls ._.

Q: Instead of using an empty rsvp inktube to extend the length (from step 9) can I just use a wooden skewer?
A: Yes.

Q: Eww, COG doesn’t equal COP
A: The COG is a measly 2mm toward the front, you won’t even notice it.

Q: Couldn’t I just grip the back slightly heavier and make COG = COP?
A: Yep, an extra ring of grip would probably balance things out just fine.

Q: Do I have to use HGG tips?
A: Yes because the tips need to screw onto the comssa cap as well as slide through a hollowed out comssa cap and very few tips can do that (with the exception of milky pen hgg tip substitutes or oldschool HGR tips)

Q: The mod rattles when I spin it T_T
A: Did you put enough tape on the white plastic clicker piece (from step 4)? You need to have just enough tape so that it can still slide through the hole easily but still have minimal side to side movement in order to eliminate rattling.

Q: Where do you buy the pens for this mod?
A: Zebra F-301 and rsvp can be found at walmart/staples. The comssa and HGG can be bought at penwish or you can just trade someone for some.

Q: The little white piece of the back clicking mechanism keeps falling out
A: Yes, after you cut the F-301 mechanism the little tabs which hold that white piece are taken off so the white little plastic piece easily falls out. Just assemble it correctly and you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. And be careful not to lose it ._.

Q: I can’t push the F-301 mechanism into the back of the comssa T_T
A: Grow some muscles and try harder ._.

Q: I followed your tutorial exactly but it doesn’t work.
A: It’s likely even though you measured everything exactly the same, the actual assembly of the pen mod changed a few variables and it doesn’t fit the same as when I made it myself. The mod is simple enough you can probably figure out what went wrong and fix it yourself. If not, post your question.

Q: The mechanism won’t click forward
A: The inktube is probably too long.

Q: Do I need to add tape to the back of the comssa so that the comssa cap will stay on?
A: You shouldn’t have to since the F-301 mechanism makes the back of the comssa bulge out slightly so the comssa cap should stay on nicely.

Q: Why did these tutorial take so long to make?
A: School, work, going to the gym 5 days a week, friends, life in general….and procrastination.

Q: Release tutorials faster
A: Pay me money and I will.

Q: Why do you release your tutorials in clusters instead of doing them 1 by 1?
A: dunno.gif …it’s a quadrilogy ._.

Q: Wait a sec, this Q&A looks oddly similar to your other comssa quadrilogy tutorials…
A: Yep, the 4 mods part of my quadrilogy all use the same mechanism and body, hence why I call it a comssa quadrilogy and why the Q&A are quite similar.

Q: Have you taken some sort of (p)engineering class or something to make all the pens you do?
A: No, I have no engineering background nor do I have any sort of background in electronics (…and yet I still came up with an LED pen mod haha)

Q: Why don’t you release a tutorial of your LED pen mods T_T
A: As complete as they look, every time I make a new one I improve it on a lot of small factors, so as of yet the final LED mod is not 100% complete yet…it is shaping up to be one sexy pen mod though ;D

Q: There are already tutorials for retractable comssa’s!!!
A: I already covered this in my introduction. I created this tutorial so people have options when deciding how they want to make a retractable comssa. Plus, mine is better anyway :>
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post Dec 24 2008, 05:12 AM
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Thanks, just finished making it. Took me 6 hrs, but it got made =)
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