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The finished BICtory mod, with added Anyball Grips.

The BICtory is a mod created by mwahaha91 for the UPSB Official Pen Modification Battle #1.

This is my new BICtory mod. It is made using 2 bic round stic pens. I came up with the idea of making this mod when my parents told me my mods were way too expensive. Bic round stics are VERY cheap and can be found virtually anywhere. So through hours and hours of hard work, I came up with the BICtory mod. I named it the BICtory mod because I felt victorious after the finishing product lol. Kinda cheesy, but I like it - mwahaha91

This mod is a popular choice amongst beginners due to its availability and simple construction.


  • Length: 17.3 cm
  • COG Location: At COP



  1. Start off by taking both caps off the BIC Round Stics, and clipping off the clips with nail clippers or scissors. You can break the clip by hand if needed. There is no need to file the remaining part.
  2. Remove the ink tubes from both pens.
  3. Remove the back plug from one of the BIC Round Stic bodies.
  4. Clip off 7 mm of both ink tubes off. This will allow the ink tubes to fit later when the double sided mod is done.
  5. Take a ink tube and insert it into one side of the BIC Round Stic body that had the plug taken out. After, take the other ink tube and slide it in into the other side. Lastly, take both caps and stick them on.
  6. (Optional) Place grips onto the caps to add weight and momentum.


More weight

  • Add Uni-Ball Signo tips to the end of both the BIC Round Stick caps. Wrap some clear tape around both the cap and the tip to attach. Cover the joint with grips if desired.
  • Some metal tips can also be shoved up inside the BIC caps rather than glued/taped on the outside (use a screwdriver to push them all the way up). This makes the mod look somewhat more normal (good for if you spin in school), while still keeping the weight of the pen the same as if the tips were on the outside. It also makes the weighted mod the same length as an untipped Bictory.
  • Add some Blu tak to the inside of the caps to add more weight to the mod.

Clip removal

  • Hold it so the cap is upside down, then with your dominant hand hold the cap so your hand is covering the cap and the clip is only showing. With your thumb put pressure onto the base of the clip. with your free hand flick the upper part of the clip(aim about 1/4 of the clip) the clip should fly off.


BICssa is an old and unused name for a BICtory that has a black body and white caps, similar-looking to the Comssa mod.