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A finished BICtory mod with added AnyBall grips.

The BICtory is a pen mod created by UPSBv2 member mwahaha91 for his submission to the UPSB Official Pen Modification Battle #1. Despite the mod not earning first place in the battle, it has retained lasting popularity among beginners due to the high availability of its materials and its simple construction. A BICtory with white caps and a black barrel was sometimes called a BICssa, BIC.Ssa, Bic-Ssa, and other similar spelling variations due to its resemblance to a standard Comssa, although this term has remained largely unused for a long time.

This article mostly adheres to the original BICtory tutorial released by mwahaha91 on June 16, 2005, with a separate section delegated to suggestions that have become common over time. Because of the BICtory's old age, simplicity, and popularity, the original tutorial is often not strictly obeyed, and new materials not originally mentioned are usually added or substituted by individual spinners to make the mod more personally appealing. From a modern standpoint, the term "BICtory" is often used to refer to any DC Round Stic mod, and not necessarily an original BICtory mod.

A Bicssa from the signature of UPSBv2 member Mrvile.
This is my new BICtory mod. It is made using 2 bic round stic pens. I came up with the idea of making this mod when my parents told me my mods were way too expensive. Bic round stics are VERY cheap and can be found virtually anywhere. So through hours and hours of hard work, I came up with the BICtory mod. I named it the BICtory mod because I felt victorious after the finishing product lol. Kinda cheesy, but I like it. —⁠mwahaha91


  • Type: DC
  • Length: 17.3 cm (20 cm if Round Stic Grip tips substitute Round Stic tips)
  • Weight: Very light
  • COG: COP
  • Writable: Yes, from both ends
  • Retractable: No
  • Insert: Yes, but only with translucent Round Stic barrels




  • Nail clippers, scissors, or other cutting tool
  • Chop stick or other long thin stick


  1. Take the caps off both Round Stics. Cut each cap clip off with nail clippers or scissors. Alternatively, snap the clips off of the caps by bending them outward quickly.
  2. (Optional) Remove the grip from the Signo Gel Grip pen. Cut the grip in half and insert one half into each cap as far as possible with a chop stick, skewer, or other thin tool.
  3. Remove the entire plastic tip portions (with the ink tube still attached) from both pen bodies, leaving just the barrel.
  4. Remove the back plug from one of the Round Stic barrels. Punch the back plug out from the inside with a chop stick, skewer, or other long thin rod. Alternatively, slightly bite the back plug area of the barrel until the back plug seal becomes loose enough to remove by hand.
  5. Clip off 7 millimeters off the open ends of both ink tubes to allow them to fit alongside each other in one of the barrels.
  6. Insert each plastic tip section into the opposite ends of the barrel without the back plug. The ink tubes should not touch one another on the sides if cut short enough.
  7. Slide a cap on each end of the mod. The BICtory is now complete.


  • For a longer mod, use the tip and grip sections of a Bic Round Stic Grip pen, rather than the shorter tip sections of normal Round Stic pens.
  • To slightly decrease barrel weight, cut the ink tubes short enough so that they do not touch each other at all.
  • To decrease the barrel weight more, remove the ink tubes from the mod entirely. This concentrates most of the mod's mass at the ends.
  • To increase cap weight, place grips onto the caps' exteriors. Common grips used include those of the Pilot G2 and Dong-A AnyBall.
  • Add Uni-Ball Signo tips to the end of each cap. If grips have also been added then they may be able to hold the tips in place, but if not, apply glue or wrap tape around the caps and tips to secure the attachment.
  • Rather than being glued or taped onto the outside, some metal tips can be inserted into the Round Stic caps (emulating mwahaha91's optional grip suggestion). This retains the standard BICtory length, while still keeping the momentum of the mod similar to that of the external tip version.
  • Instead of metal tips, add some sticky tak, pencil erasers, or other small materials to the inside of the caps.

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