Buster CYL

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BusterCYL Mod.

The Buster CYL is a pen mod created by SpinnerPeem of THPSC. "CYL" is an abbreviation of Crayola, the company who manufactures Super Tips.


  • Type: DC
  • Length: 22 cm
  • Weight: 19 g to 22 g
  • COG: COP
  • Writable: No
  • Retractable: No
  • Insert: No



  1. Remove the backplug and the ink tube of the Supertip.
  2. Put the Dong-A Backplug where the Supertip Backplug used to be. (add tape to secure it, if needed)
  3. Cut the Zebra Airfit Grip in half.
  4. Put each half of the grip over the ComSsa Caps.
  5. Push the Airfit Tips into the grips.
  6. Put the caps on the body. (add tape to barrel underneath the caps to help them fit better, if needed)
  • (Optional) Add Airfit rings for decoration.

The Buster CYL V2