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Dr. KT with original colors.

The Dr. KT is a pen mod invented by JEB member Ryo. Although the original name was derived from the Dr. Grip tips modified with the Keityo body (hence the "Dr." and "KT"), variations of the mod are often simply called "KT" mods, even if they do not use a Keityo Sign Pen. The mod became widespread during 2008 and was considered one of the heaviest mods at the time. This caused some controversy regarding whether it was appropriate to spin, and possibly rely on, pen mods with comparatively large momentum. Presently, pen mods heavier than the Dr. KT, such as the Buster CYL, are common, and most conversations regarding the merits of using high-momentum mods conclude that while lighter mods require more finger control, it is one's personal choice to spin whatever mod satisfies one's desires.


  • Type: DC
  • Length: 20–21 cm
  • Weight: About 20 g
  • COG: COP
  • Writable: No
  • Retractable: No



  1. Remove ink from one of the Keityo sign pens.
  2. Double cap the Keityo sign pen body using the two Keityo sign pen caps.
  3. Cut the Sailor Gel grips in sections of:
    • For the first grip (will be on one cap only): 2, 3, and 8
    • For the second grip (will be on one cap only): 2,3, and 8
    • For the third grip (will be on both caps): 2, 2, 2, and 2
  4. Add the grips to the caps in the following order:
    • 3 sections of the first color grip
    • 2 sections of the third color grip
    • 2 sections of the first color grip
    • 2 sections of the third color grip
    • 8 sections of the first color grip
  5. Repeat the previous step with the other cap, using the remaining grips.
  6. Insert the Dr. Grip Shaker tips into the Sailor Gel grips.


A HAL KT mod.

A few of the many variations of the original Dr. KT include the:

  • Dr. CT, using a Color Twin body,
  • Dr. AC or Dr. ACT, using an Art Color Twin body,
  • HAL KT,
  • Bonkura KT (White), using an M&M barrel, pink and skyblue M&M caps, pink and skyblue primary Sailor Gel grips, and other gray and purple Sailor Gel grips for stripes.

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