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Alright, finally... the time has come to release my first retractable mod prototype. Presenting the Hybrid G3 Retractable <HG3R>. This idea came to me one evening and I finished finalizing the mod that night. Basically the only tricky part is creating the retractable mechanism yourself. I tried to find suitable mechanisms from pens out in the market, but none seemed to fit. So in the end, I decided to improvise and come up with something. This mod is more for RSVP MX users because the weight is almost identical and is only a tiny bit lighter than the MX.

Retractable mods face many problems. This mod eliminates most of them. The only one I can't seem to get rid off is the little bit of sound produced when the mod is spun. I convinced myself that making a silent retractable mod is almost impossible since G2s which are properly manufactured also produce sounds when being spun.

Let me share with you the problems of making retractable mods based on my many failed attempts.

  • 1) The link between the retractable mechanism and the pen has to be strong so it won't pop out under the pressure of the spring. For the HG3R, the strength needed to make the back mechanism pop out would be enough to first cause the grip to slip out. (Problem solved)
  • 2) It has to withstand drops. (Problem solved)
  • 3) The whole mod has to be stable. The HG3R has no loose parts. (Problem solved)
  • 4) The ink tube has to be easily changed. Just take out the tip and replace the refill. (Problem solved)
  • 5) Sound. Unfortunately there's still some sound when the HG3R is spun. (Problem unsolved)

Ok, this is getting too lengthy so now let’s begin with the tutorial. Don't forget to point out any improvements that can be made too. Enjoy. =)




Pen part details


  1. G3 tip
  2. HGG grip
  3. G3 barrel. File/cut away the plastic studs after removing the grip. File the groove near the screw threads too (optional). Thicken the back portion with some tape.
  4. G3 barrel back cap. Make a hole such that you can fit a G2 refill through it. You can use a nail to puncture many holes along the edges of the face of the back cap to make things easier. The G2 refill should have a tight fit when pushed through the back cap. After getting ready the G3 back cap and G2 refill mechanism, wrap tape around the refill as shown just in case to ensure that the G2 refill mechanism does not pop out.
  5. Pilot Better Retractable spring. Stretch it a little then bend it. This is done to minimize the sound. If you find that there's still alot of sound when you spin, bend it even more.
  6. Pilot Better Retractable ink tube
  7. Wooden stick
  8. G2 refill mechanism part (Hardest part). Cut the refill into half, you're only going to need one of the halves. Cut an "L" shape on opposite sides of the refill with a pen knife as shown. The width of the "L" shape path should be about 0.2cm. After that, you place some double sided tape on the parts around the "L" shape and you wrap some tape sticky side up snugly around the "L" cuttings. To cover up the sticky portion, wrap tape the correct way over it.
  9. Pilot Better Retractable clicker part portion. Cut off the surrounding plastic with wire cutters to get the inner part of the clicker. Wrap some tape on the silver part of the clicker so that it's a tight fit when placed in the Bic Round stick barrel portion. Thicken the bottom part of the clicker portion but ensure that it can move around smoothly in the G2 refill. This is done to reduce the sound.
  10. Part of the Bic Round Stick's barrel. It is about 1.6cm. Place some double sided tape at one end as seen in the picture. Once you place it in the G3 cap (the side with the double sided tape in first), try not to take it out again because you might make sticky stains on the insides of the cap.
  11. G3 cap. Get rid of the clip and cut the remaining plastic.



Assembly video:

Finished mod


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