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The M-301 X is a mechanical pencil mod created by K4S.

Forth tutorial released by me, K4S. Concept for the mod by White_Sheath & Trevor. Need a mechanical pencil mod that doesn’t draw so much attention? Tired of people asking what the hell you’re writing with at school? Well look no further, I’ve got the mod for you! The name of the mod is quite self explanatory. It takes the Zebra M-301 pencil and extends it, allowing for easier spinning while keeping its sleek original look. This mod is easy to make by my standards…the only equipment you need to make this is an xacto/utility knife and tape. Never the less, as easy as this mod is to make I take no responsibility if you are an idiot and hurt yourself while making my mod. Remember, you can’t pen spin without fingers.
- K4S





M301x step1.jpg
1. Disassemble both pencils.

2. Cut the pieces accordingly. Exact measurements are not vital, just try to cut it similar to the picture.
M301x step2.jpg

M301x step3.jpg
3. Okay this will be the most difficult part of this mod. You need to wrap tape around the cut sections from step#2 such that it will fit very snugly into the metal M-301 body. It’s not hard, it just takes a while to get it right. Start with a long piece of tape and cut a little off each time and try sliding into the metal section until you get a nice fit.

4. Cut the following pieces accordingly. Again, exact measurements are not essential but try to get it as close to the specified numbers as you can. You will want the larger sections of what you just cut.
M301x step4.jpg

M301x step5.jpg
5. Tape the 2 sections together. (optional: You will see that one side has a larger diameter than the other piece…you can carefully shave down the sides until the diameter’s are similar so they fit better when taped together.

6. All pieces needed before assembly.
M301x step6.jpg

M301x step7.jpg
7. Assemble the exterior of the pencil. Put the mechanical pencil tube in last. If you made my mod correctly up until now it should slide in from the back. Screw on the tip, and put the back plug on last.

Finished product

M301x final.jpg



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