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A black Miffy & Melanie marker. (source)

Miffy & Melanie (often abbreviated as "M&M") is a line of discontinued markers that was produced by Kutsuwa. It is named and designed after characters from children books by Dick Bruna. The M&M marker is highly valued for its rarity, especially outside Japan. The barrel of an M&M marker is reportedly soft and very pleasant to spin with, although different spinners disagree about whether the barrel feels best when it is new, paper rubbed, acetone rubbed, or naturally rubbed over time from spinning. M&M caps have unique colors and are usually used as an identical replacement for Color Twin caps. There are several common substitutes that mimic the physical structure of the barrel. M&M pens mainly grew in popularity after they were used by Bonkura as parts for his versions of the Dr. KT, which he spun in his solo videos and the 2007 World Tournament.

Newer unrelated Miffy markers (without Melanie) were also manufactured by Kutsuwa; however, it is believed that by the end of 2015 they were also discontinued. These new Miffy markers have a similar thickness to an Emboss marker, shorter length, different caps, and the same feeling as M&M markers. Almost no mods have been specifically designed to use these new Miffy markers, so they are generally used in connected pairs as an Emboss barrel replacement.

Miffy markers with different caps and author Dick Bruna's name printed on them also exist, which are believed to be an even older and rarer version of the standard M&M marker.




  • Fabric Marker, by Tulip (near-identical feel; longer and thicker structure)
  • Water Erasable Marker, by Kearing (similar feel; near-identical structure)
  • Art Color Twin, by Ace (identical structure)
  • Color Twin, by Pentel (identical structure)
  • Keityo Sign Pen, by Pentel (identical structure)
  • Imitation Miffy & Melanie barrel, by KzPSC (near-identical structure; also has imitation printings)
  • Water-Erasable Pen, by Milward (near-identical structure)
  • Super Tips, by Crayola (similar structure)