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Yellow RSVP MX with Blue Rasen Insert.

The RSVP MX is one of the most famous pen mods around, and it was created by Kam. The MX stands for "MaXimum".


Type: SC

Retractable: No

Writable: Yes

Length: 19cm

Weight: 12g

COG: 2cm closer to the back from the COP.

Creator: Kam (Pentrix, UPSB)

Modding Difficulty: Easy

Insert: Yes


1x Pentel RSVP (whole pen)

1x Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip (HGG) (tip and grip)


(OPTIONAL) Teflon tape, lighter, superglue, sandpaper, clippers.


  1. Disassemble the RSVP. Drill a hole through the back plug, and reverse the inktube through it.
  2. Add in your insert (if you have one) and screw the back plug back onto the body.
  3. Break the clip off the cap (sand the remaining stub to make it smooth, if you'd like) and place the RSVP grip inside of the RSVP cap.
  4. Push the cap onto the back of the RSVP.(where the inktube is)
  5. Screw the HGG tip over the plastic RSVP tip.
  6. Put the HGG grip on the front of the pen.


To put the insert in, roll the insert around the inktube and slide it in together with the inktube.

If you want a smoother cap, you can gently melt the stub until it becomes smooth.

If you are afraid that the HGG tip will not stay, you can glue or tape it onto the RSVP tip.

You can also add a Signo tip, or a tip of similar weight on top of the HGG tip to create a more COG centered mod.


Toro MX