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Yellow RSVP MX with blue Rasen insert.

The RSVP MX ("Maximum") is a well-known pen mod created by Kam. Although the RSVP MX is light and not evenly balanced, it retains some of the most widespread use in pen spinning. It is the fourth and final of Kam's basic RSVP mods, the other three being the RSVP V1, RSVP V2, and RSVP MMX. Kam invented this mod as a simplified version of the RSVP MMX, which is slightly more complicated to make due to the barrel cutting involved.

By far the best modded RSVP I have created so far. This pen is even heavier than the RSVP V2, due to the added grip that is put inside the cap. This pen gives you the most in momentum for a pen of this size, making it great for extended spins. This is the pen to I use for almost all tricks. The added weight of the extra grip also makes it more balanced than the RSVP V1 or V2. All modifications found in the RSVP V1 and V2 are included, and the body of the pen is cleaned out of any original manufacturer writings, for a smoother surface and better aesthetic appeal. The ultra cool design improves on the RSVP V2's perspective design to make this pen be worth as a collector's item. I like to use this pen for practicing the hardest tricks and to show off as well. The only drawback is that it's not suitable for teaching videos, since the marked COP of the design is very subtle. —⁠Kam
Three of Kam's basic RSVP mods (left to right): RSVP V1, RSVP V2, and RSVP MX.


  • Type: SC
  • Length: 19 cm
  • Weight: 12 g
  • COG: 2 cm toward the back cap from the COP.
  • Writable: Yes
  • Retractable: No
  • Insert: Yes




  • Drill or small hole-making tool
  • File or sand paper (optional)
  • Teflon tape (optional)
  • (see "Suggestions" section for more optional tools)


  1. Disassemble the RSVP pen.
  2. Bore a hole through the RSVP back plug just big enough for the tip of the RSVP ink tube to fit through.
  3. Put the RSVP ink tube into the hole of the back plug.
  4. Roll an insert around the ink tube tightly and screw the back plug with the ink tube back onto the RSVP body. The insert should now be inside the RSVP body, and the ink tube should be reversed.
  5. Break the clip off the RSVP cap. If desired, sand the broken edge left on the cap smooth.
  6. Place the RSVP grip inside of the RSVP cap. The grip is usually oriented so that the protruding ring of the grip toward the cap opening. The part of the grip most inside the cap will bend inward.
  7. Push the RSVP cap with the grip inside it onto the back plug of the RSVP (where the tip of the ink tube is visible). For maximum length while retaining most stability, only slide the cap until the edge of the cap is fully covering the back plug but not any other part of the RSVP pen.
  8. Screw the metal Hybrid Gel Grip tip over the plastic RSVP tip. For more stability, wrap a strip of Teflon tape on the RSVP tip before screwing on the HGG tip.
  9. Slide the HGG grip over the HGG tip and onto the front of the RSVP body. If the grip does not fully cover the frontal portion of the RSVP body, then a small piece of another grip may be added or the HGG grip may be stretched. The RSVP MX is now complete.


  • For a smoother clip cut, quickly put the cut edge over a lit lighter for a second or two after sanding, but be careful not to burn or melt the plastic. Alternatively, rub the clip cut edge on a piece of paper after sanding to make the edge reflective and smooth.
  • To make the HGG tip more secure, wrap adhesive tape over it after screwing it on or hot glue the tip on. It is not suggested to use superglue as it increases the brittleness of the plastic and makes it more susceptible to shattering when the mod is dropped.
  • For a more balanced RSVP mod, replace the HGG tip with a Signo tip or a tip of similar weight.


Some mods that are variants of or similar to the RSVP MX include the:

  • Toro MX, using a Hi-Tec-C tip and G2 grip,
  • RSVP MMX, using a G2 body to lengthen the mod,
  • any "MX" mod.

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