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The RSVP MX pen mod was created by Kam with help from UPSB pen modders Nate and Takeshi (adding the RSVP grip in the cap) and Sikkita (removing the barrel writing with an eraser). The pen mod is a continuation of a series of pen mods by Kam that include the RSVP V1, RSVP V2 and the Momentum MX. The RSVP MX is fourth in line after the Momentum MX prototype.






  1. Take the RSVP. Remove the cap, back plug, grip and ink tube.
  2. Remove the clip of the cap and use the sandpaper/ lighter to round off the stub.
  3. Poke a hole in the back plug, stick the ink tube in reversed, place back onto the RSVP barrel.
  4. Stick the RSVP grip inside the cap to add weight to the back.
    • Important: put the grip in far enough so that the edge of the cap goes at least 1~2mm past the back plug when placed on the pen. This greatly reduces the chances of breaking the pen, without any noticeable change in how the pen spin.
  5. Take the HGG. Remove the tip and grip.
  6. Screw the metal HGG tip onto the plastic RSVP tip.
    • (Optional). Wrap teflon tape around the plastic RSVP tip before putting on the metal HGG tip. This will help hold the metal tip, but is not needed.
  7. Slide the HGG grip over the tip and front of the RSVP barrel to replace the missing RSVP grip. The grip may not align perfectly with the metal tip, but the grip will stretch with some use.
  8. The RSVP MX is now spinnable.
  9. Use an eraser to rub off the writing on the RSVP barrel.
    • The fine size ink with Silver writing is much easier to remove than the medium size ink with Gold writing.
    • (Tip). To reduce the chances of scratching the barrel, you can dip the eraser in rubbing alcohol or water. This will take longer to erase, but it will keep your pen cleaner.
  10. Design or download an insert online, print it.
    • Insert dimensions for RSVP barrel insert: 8.8 cm x 3.81 cm
    • The height of the insert is twice the size that is needed, this is only to help in rolling the insert.
  11. Once an insert is printed, take out the back plug and ink tube from the RSVP. Roll the insert using the ink tube and slide it into the barrel.
  12. Once in, use the ink tube to adjust the position if the insert gets misaligned.
  13. Replace the ink tube and back plug.

Hybrid Gel Grip DX

The Hybrid Gel Grip DX will not work as a substitute for the Hybrid Gel Grip. If you happen to have a HGG DX, you may want to try the Engo Blendo DX pen mod instead. The EBDX is shorter than the MX, but is heavier, with more momentum than the MX.


Construction video by Eso

Popular substitute parts

Main article: Hybrid Gel Grip substitutes



^Note: Zebra jimnie eco has same grip as Tapliclip Mechanical Pencil and Ballpoint pen.

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