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An RSVP V1 made by Kam with a blue Razzle Dazzle RSVP pen.

The RSVP V1 is the first pen mod created by Kam and thus the first of his four basic RSVP mods, preceding the RSVP V2, RSVP MMX, and RSVP MX. As one of the earliest mods ever made, if not the earliest, the RSVP V1 helped begin the revolutionary pen modding movement. On January 25, 2004, Kam released the tutorial for the RSVP V1, although he invented it a few years before then.

Due to the large number of people asking me about the pens I use, I decided to write a tutorial with instructions on how to make them yourself. The RSVP V1 is the first pen modification I made, and although I no longer use this pen, it's still a quick, cheap, and good pen to make. It's great if you're just beginning and don't have the strength on your fingers to handle a heavier pen, or if you simply like a lighter pen. It only requires one pen and not much work. —Kam
Three of Kam's basic RSVP mods (left to right): RSVP V1, RSVP V2, and RSVP MX.


  • Length: 16.8–18.2 cm (changes as back cap moves farther off mod)
  • Weight: ~10.7 g
  • COG: ~1.7–1.4 cm toward back cap from COP (changes as back cap moves farther off mod)
  • Writable: Yes
  • Retractable: No
  • Insert: Yes


Materials for making an RSVP V1.


  • 1x Pentel RSVP (1 complete pen)


  • File or sand paper
  • Cardboard paper or other protective material (optional)
  • Drill or other small hole-making tool
  • Rubber band (optional)
  • Correction fluid or other white colored ink (optional)


RSVP V1 003.png
Disassemble the RSVP pen completely except for the grip on the front.
Break the clip off of the cap by repeatedly bending its clip back and forth at a location near the closed end of the cap. On the first bend, bend the clip upward slowly so it does not snap unpredictably. Alternatively, cut the clip with a tool, such as nail clippers.
RSVP V1 004.png
RSVP V1 005.png
File the rough edges left by the broken clip to prevent scrapes during spinning. It is suggested to protect the cylindrical part of the cap with a sheet of cardboard paper to prevent scratching the rest of the pen cap while filing.
Bore a hole through the top of the back plug. The hole must only be large enough to fit the metal tip of the ink tube through, not larger.
RSVP V1 006.png
RSVP V1 007.png
Stick the tip of the ink tube through the back plug hole from inside the back plug.
Screw the back plug with the ink tube onto its original location on the RSVP pen. Then, slide the cap onto the back of the pen. The farther the cap is slid on, the more stable the mod will be. If the cap is too loose, wrap a small strip of clear tape around the RSVP body to increase the cap tightness.
RSVP V1 008.png
RSVP V1 009.png
If finding the center of gravity of the mod is desired, balance the assembled mod with a rubber band. Remember where the balance point is or slightly mark it on the RSVP body. Measure the distance between the tip of the ink tube to this point (shown by "x" in the image). Now, take out the ink tube and measure the same distance from the tip of the ink tube and put a mark with white ink on the ink tube. After reinserting the ink tube, the white mark should be at the balance point. Alternatively, to mark the center of gravity, slide an insert into the RSVP body with an indicator of the balance point on it. (Note that Kam's original RSVP V1 does not have an insert.)
Make sure the pen parts are reassembled. The RSVP V1 is now complete.
RSVP V1 010.png

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