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An RSVP V2 constructed by FPSB member Waterfall.

The RSVP V2 is a pen mod created by Kam. It follows the RSVP V1 and precedes the RSVP MMX and RSVP MX as the second model of Kam's four basic RSVP mods. Its only difference from the RSVP MX is that it does not contain an RSVP grip in its back cap section. This makes the mod lighter and more balanced.

This is a much better pen than the RSVP V1. In addition to all the modifications in the RSVP V1, there's a metal tip (that adds weight to the pen for improved spinning) and a special grip (that is perfect for Infinity tricks). Both of these parts were taken from a Pentel Hybrid Gel Grip (also made by Pentel), which makes the cost a bit higher. The specially made design that fits inside the pen also marks the COP clearly, which is perfect for balancing tricks, as well as for learning most tricks. This is the pen I used for the SuperHandz video, and like to use on my videos (because it clearly shows the COP and the two different ends). —⁠Kam


  • Type: SC
  • Length: ~18.3 cm
  • Weight: 11.4 g
  • COG: ~COP
  • Writable: Yes
  • Retractable: No
  • Insert: Yes



  1. Disassemble the RSVP pen.
  2. Bore a hole through the RSVP back plug just big enough for the tip of the RSVP ink tube to fit through.
  3. Put the RSVP ink tube into the hole of the back plug.
  4. Roll an insert around the ink tube tightly and screw the back plug with the ink tube back onto the RSVP body. The insert should now be inside the RSVP body, and the ink tube should be reversed.
  5. Break the clip off the RSVP cap. If desired, sand the broken edge left on the cap smooth.
  6. Screw the metal Hybrid Gel Grip tip over the plastic RSVP tip. For more stability, wrap a strip of Teflon tape on the RSVP tip before screwing on the HGG tip.
  7. Slide the HGG grip over the HGG tip and onto the front of the RSVP body. If the grip does not fully cover the frontal portion of the RSVP body, then a small piece of another grip may be added or the HGG grip may be stretched. The RSVP V2 is now complete.

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