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The RSVP V2 is a pen mod created by Kam. This mod is an extension of the RSVP V1 that adds more weight and a better grip to the pen.



  1. Remove the cap, back plug, grip and ink tube from the RSVP pen.
  2. Remove the clip on the cap and use the sandpaper/lighter to round off the stub.
  3. Reverse the ink tube.
  4. Remove the tip and grip from the Hybrid Gel Grip pen.
  5. Screw the metal HGG tip onto the plastic RSVP tip. The metal tip will not cover the entire plastic tip.
    • (Optional). Wrap teflon tape around the plastic RSVP tip before putting on the metal HGG tip. This will help hold the metal tip, but is not needed.
  6. Slide the HGG grip over both tips and front of the RSVP barrel to replace the missing RSVP grip. The grip may not align perfectly with the metal tip, but the grip will stretch with some use.
  7. Design or download an insert online, print it.
    • Insert dimensions for RSVP barrel insert: 8.8 cm x 3.81 cm
    • The height of the insert is twice the size that is needed, this is only to help in rolling the insert.
  8. Once an insert is printed, take out the back plug and ink tube from the RSVP. Place the insert inside the barrel.
  9. Once in, use the ink tube to adjust the position if the insert gets misaligned.
  10. Replace the ink tube and back plug.

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