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The Simple KT Bictory is a double-sided writable pen mod created by K4S.

The second mini tutorial by me, K4S Ever make a dr.KT only to be left with the spare keityo body and 2 small caps and aren’t sure what to do with it? Don’t want to write with the original marker ink? Well I have a simple solution: The KT Bictory. This very simple mod transforms your spare KT body into a double sided pen (non-retractable). The added benefit you get with this mod is that the KT body is thicker than the classic Bictory. On the other hand it is slightly shorter in length which may be a pro or con depending how you see it. However, as you will see in the final product pictures this simple modification doesn’t need to stop here. You can apply it to your actual dr.KT as well as comssa’s. No longer will you be mocked for spinning your unwritable dr.KT as you can simple take off both caps revealing not one but two sides to write from in two different colors! This mod is easily applied to comssa’s as well allowing you the benefit of being able to write in 2 colours of ink. A must-do-mod for those you do not enjoy writing in marker ink.




  • Pentel KeiTyo Sign Pen (1 body, 2 caps)
  • 2 BIC Round Stic Grip (Must be Grip version)



Take the keityo body and remove both tips and inktubes from inside.

Cut 2mm off the grey side. Cut 5mm off the white plastic side (make sure you cut past the tiny columns that held the tip previously).

You will need a 5/32" drill bit. You need that exact size of drill bit or this tutorial will suddenly become a lot harder for you. If you are illiterate and cant find your 5/32" drill bit then start with a smaller bit and work your way up until you have the right size (via trial and error)

By hand, screw the drill into each end (white plastic side and grey side). By doing this you are using the drill bit to make the hole larger so the inktubes will fit in later. Be careful you don’t jam the bit around and make the hole too large. The picture shows what it looks like after you’re done.

Disassemble the 2 Bic stic grips

Remove the inktubes. You may need to slightly pinch the plastic to break any glue so the inktube can be moved. Don’t squeeze too hard or you will damage the inktube.

After removing the inktubes cut the back ends to shorten the inktubes. Do not cut too close to the ink unless you like them to explode. I’d say leave at least 0.5cm space from where you cut to where the ink is.

Place the inktubes in the Keityo body.

Insert the back plug back into the keityo body.

Finished product

Metal tips and grip schemes optional.




This Q&A section is written by K4S.

Q: How did you make your comssa version
A: Exactly the same way I made the keityo version. Follow the same procedure on a comssa. It’s simple enough you should be able to fumble your way through.

Q: I still don’t know how to make the comssa version
A: :facepalm: Try harder.

Q: I cant find 5/32" drill bits, can I still make this mod?
A: You probably can still make it but it will be a lot trickier. Just go out and buy the $1 drill bit -__-

Q: Can I add comssa caps to the small keityo caps to lengthen the mod
A: Sure.

Q: What tips did you use?
A: Signo tips they seem to hold in place but they don’t hold that well.



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